1ccs, Sense of Negativism, and You

A small review for the definition of shmup for those who are not familiar with this term. Shmup, or simply shoot ’em up (not to be confused with the first-person genre i.e. Doom), is a genre where the objective is shooting down everything that is in place with enough reaction time to dodge incoming bullets or attacks. If you are still not familiar, then this article from racketboy can be a good read.

1cc, one credit clear, or simply in layman’s term, is simply beating the game within it’s factory setting, as in default settings, without continuing. This was initially the term, as a Filipino shmupper, that we didn’t get until sometime in the early 2000s or late 2010, most of us people will have to be ready to face our fears and get through our bigger challenges. This is the same case when we have to achieve certain goals like applying for a job without screwing up an interview, defending a thesis with a passing with at least major or minor revision, creating a product that will satisfy many customers with at least a market reaching more than a thousand or million, etc. But what about playing an arcade or console shmup on a single or with a friend, as in two players, with only one coin? The answer is always no. Why? This is due to the fact that the shoot ’em up genre is simply not that popular and for certain people that complain that it is very difficult or simply saying “cheating” without knowing that the player is simply doing good. Hence the part of the title of this article ‘Sense of Negativism’.

ImageThe oncoming bullets being dodged from the first boss of Raiden Fighters 2.

To start it off, there are many reasons to mention that the shmup community is very short in my country. First, there are people whining thing like ‘ang hirap naman niyan’ or ‘ang bilis naman, patay na agad.’ Well you guessed it. These are simply people who complain that shmups are really difficult. There are even some who troll people with ‘ang daya’ or ‘cheater’, or even saying ‘panget niyan’, just because they have not tried playing the game yet, be it a retro or a modern release. Of course, they are difficult but not all games somehow. Most shmup games are released in consoles, and with their emulators being released in different ports (e.g. PC has Fusion, MAME, Ootake, Nestopia, PSP has RIN, SMS+, NesterJ, etc.) And with those, you have all the time in the world to practice the genre without using continues and with the default amount of lives (as in, not changing the life and bomb stock settings) as changing it’s setting may mean consequences, such as the early Touhou Project games giving bonus score penalty for changing the life and bomb stock setting. You cannot even pause during the game, and do not even think about retrying in the middle of the run, so practice, practice, practice! (Op-op-oops! don’t even think about it! Example is Blue Wish Resurrection, which disallows pausing as it disables saving replays.) Practicing it, and finally mastering it and completing it within one coin or credit, takes substantial hours, days or weeks. While games like the Star Soldier series or Zanac/Aleste series and some shmups on this level takes around a few hours, days or weeks to finish, the bullet hell genre (e.g. Dodonpachi, Raiden Fighters, Touhou, etc.) may take around several weeks or months to do so.


Player (me), as a Slave, dodging and grazing the stage 5 boss’ attacks on Raiden Fighters 2.

These people have devoted their time onto 1cc-ing every single shmup, and it now includes me. And someday, I may even reach about a hundred. Remember, puso lang mga kapatid! Shmups within one credit require patience and concentration, WITHOUT interruption, because they are an achievement that one gamer and/or shmupper is destined for!

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ACPH Meeting 1 + More Raiden Fighters 2

It was a really tiring day yesterday when Anime Corner Philippines held a general meeting at the Japanese Garden at Rizal Park.


The first part of the meeting includes getting to know the current members, heads and admins of the group itself. This was then followed by a training ground where there was a Mob Dance Practice (for participants who would want to be part of the upcoming Cosplay Mania 2013) and the Marshall training. The first part of the training turned out to be quite a piece of cake, if you know most of the places and the layout of the floor and being helpful enough to support injured or people with disability. This was then followed by jogging march in which the entire garden must be circled around five times! (that’s right, five times!) And finally, the meeting concluded with the upcoming event operations of Anime Corner Philippines, which includes the following:

  • Cosplay Mania 2013 (I wish I could come, but my parents wouldn’t allow me for now and do not know how to get home from SMX 😥 )
  • Anniversary Picnic (same place, October 25th)
  • Photoshoot (November 10th, at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center)

Welp, that’s it for now. And here’s the group pic!


Full photo album (please do not forget to give credit!)

Oh, and for something good today, here’s a score for today’s Raiden Fighters 2!

Managed to score a bit well, but still couldn’t not get around 1 million a bit. 😦


Finally! 100 million on Raiden Fighters 2!!

Finally! 100 million on Raiden Fighters 2!!

Welp, after a huge struggle since playing this, I have finally made it to the 100 million club in this cool arcade game. Btw, it was Plasmo who motivated me to get to this mark. This was done by grazing more on stage 1 and on the final boss, and with the help of IcarusFW’s strategies in his youtube video. Well, who knows, I might get into this again anytime soon.

Another day, another Raiden Fighters 2.

Another day, another Raiden Fighters 2.

I was wide awake by around 5:40 A.M. today, and got back to this game over and over again until I can score that much higher. This scoring thing took a lot of practice, hard work and determination. It was all when I first playing this on MAME back in 2008. And three years after that, I managed to beat the game successfully. Managed to find all the Miclus locations but not all of the Fairies as some may be tricky to find.

P.S. Also managed to clear this again…


P.S. This is Special Boss Mode.

Soldier Blade (No Miss Clear)

Showcasing one of my first videos for my blog is an ALL Clear run of Soldier Blade. It is the fifth entry of the Star Soldier series, and the third release for the PC Engine. The game is known for it’s colorful graphics, decent level design, and cooler bosses. This new video shows me attempting to beat the game without dying on Normal Mode.

Shmup and other game genre 1ccs

1cc, in shmup terms, meaning one credit clear, or beating the game without continuing. All of these are done usually on default settings unless noted that they are played on a different difficult setting:

(Majority of the links are coming from my old and new youtube accounts, mostly played on an emulation or console without any form of tool-assistance or cheating. Some may have separate or combined video links. Note that some may have lost some videos or may not have been uploaded yet.)

  • PC

*Note: The original XOP Black is different from the newer XOP Black Ultra! The original is available for free download whereas the Ultra release can be bought as a bundle.

  1. BomberBomber Gaiden 2 (1LC!)
  2. On The Penguin Beat
  3. Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom (Easy, I know)
  4. Touhou 8 – Imperishable Night (Easy and Normal)
  5. Touhou 10 – Mountain of Faith (Easy only)
  6. Touhou 13 – Ten Desires (Demo, Normal)
  7. Rozen Diadem (100% bonus!, Basic)
  8. ring^-27 (v0.5, Normal)
  9. Soldier Force ( Normal [Stage 2-10] & Nightmare [ALL] modes)
  10. Baroque Shooting
  11. Guwangedash (Death Label)
  12. XOP Black (Normal, 2-ALL)*
  13. XOP Black Ultra*
  14. Demolition Gunner (Remix – all difficulties) – Easy Normal HardInsaneShooting God
  15. Hypersonic Speed Girl (Demo, Lunatic)
  16. Self Destruct
  17. PatriotDark (Easy to Extra) – Normal
  18. Bike Banditz
  19. Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (Heaven / Accel and Original)
  20. Sonic Ironstorm: Fatal Attack (Normal, all routes)
  21. Raiden II (2-2, Major, 1P side)
  22. Demonstar
  23. Dotonpachi Daimao (White & Black Label 1-ALL, X-Mode ALL)
  24. Zugan-Gagan v1.2d
  25. Eden’s Edge (Heaven and Hell Modes)
  26. Spark Spectra (reached Extra stage)
  27. Sonic Sisters (2-ALL!)
  28. Tyrian
  29. Tyrian 2000
  30. Winglancer [Normal (Easy to Hard) and Boss Rush (Hard and God) modes]
  31. Odd Mobs Zero Arrange (Arrange, Boss Rush, Hyper Mode)
  32. The One Case (Standard No Miss)
  33. Score Soldier Winter Festival 2004 (Normal Counterstop)
  34. Endless Alice Crysis (2 loops, 3-1)
  35. Beautiful World
  36. Tama (1LC)
  37. Touhou Koumakyou 8-bit
  38. House of the Dead 2 – Original Mode
  39. Eden’s Aegis (Heaven Mode)
  • PC Engine/TG-16
  1. Coryoon
  2. Star Parodier (Hard)
  3. Gunhed/Blazing Lazers
  4. Dead Moon (1LC!)
  5. Hana Taka Daka!
  6. Magical Chase (no cherry/remedy)
  7. Air Zonk (Easy)
  8. Super Star Soldier (Lx2)
  9. Darius Plus (1LC!)
  10. Ordyne (Lx2)
  11. Final Soldier (1LC!)
  12. Soldier Blade (1LC!)
  13. W-Ring The Double Rings (Normal 4-2)
  14. Cyber Core (1LC)
  • NES/Famicom
  1. Gradius (3-7)
  2. Gradius II (1LC 1st loop then I quit)
  3. Gunnac (Counterstopped)
  4. Lifeforce (2-5)
  5. Crisis Force
  6. Contra (8 loops, died at 9-5)
  7. Magmax (6-1)
  8. Super C (4 loops, died at stage 5-7)
  9. Super Mario Bros (No warps)
  • Gameboy / Color
  1. Magical Chase
  2. Solar Striker
  3. Tyrian 2000
  4. Twinbee Da!
  5. Operation C (4 loops, died at stage 5-1)
  6. Super Mario Land (counterstop)
  7. Spartan X (Hard, counterstop)
  8. Volley Fire
  9. Parasoru Hembei
  10. Nemesis (7 loops, No Miss first 2 loops, stopped at 8-1)
  • Playstation Portable
  1. Twinbee Da! (Hard)
  2. Star Soldier (Normal and Boss Rush modes)
  3. Space Invaders Extreme (A Route)*
  4. Galaga Arrangement
  5. Tyrian
  • SNES/Super Famicom
  1. Space Megaforce
  2. Sonic Wings (Rabio)
  3. Gradius III
  4. Flying Hero
  • Arcade

*MAME exclusive

  1. Thunderforce AC (1LC)
  2. Raiden Fighters
  3. Raiden Fighters 2
  4. Batsugun Special Version (1LC 1st loop)
  5. Dodonpachi (1-ALL, C-S)
  6. Dodonpachi Arrange (2-7, C-Strong)*
  • PSX
  1. Harmful Park (Easy, 99%)
  2. Zanac Neo (FC-Custom)
  • Megadrive/Genesis
  1. MUSHA Aleste
  2. Magic Girl
  • Nintendo DS
  1. Space Impakto DS
  2. Ketsui Death Label (varying modes)
  • Sega Master System
  1. Power Strike
  • MSX
  1. Aleste
  • Game Gear
  1. GG Aleste – Normal and Special
  2. Halley Wars
  3. GG Aleste 2 – Normal (1LC) and Hard
  4. Ninja Gaiden (1LC)
  • PS2
  1. Shienryu Explosion

UPDATE: 9/20/2013 – Added links for Soldier Blade, Final Soldier, GG Aleste, W-Ring, PatriotDark. Also added The One Case Standard Mode on PC.

9/21/2013 – Added Score Soldier Winter Festival 2004.

9/23/2013 – Link available for Crisis Force and Endless Alice Crysis. Added Dodonpachi Arrange.

10/2/2013 – Added GG Aleste 2 Normal and Hard.

10/5/2013 – Cybercore for the PC Engine has been no-missed!

10/18/2013 – Added more 1ccs. Tama and Ninja Gaiden (GG) have been no-missed. Parasoru Hembei (GB), Beautiful World, Volley Fire (GB), and Touhou Koumakyou 8-bit have been 1cc’ed! Added link for Cybercore. Spartan X has been counterstopped!!

10/21/2013 – Added House of the Dead 2, Eden’s Aegis and Nemesis (GB). Reached the 100 1cc milestone! Added links for Spartan X (GB).