Oh-No Manga Octo-Con 2 + 100 1ccs milestone!


It was a very tiring Sunday at the latest convention brought to us by Oh-No Manga. Octo-Con 2, which took place on October 20th this year, has us thrilled with the Taiwanese cosplayer Neneko, the Battle of the Bands, Origami contest, The Gwiyomi dance-off, Vocabattle karaoke contest, and of course, the Cospure! Crazy cosplay competition sponsored by Geolica.

100_2920    Here with the maids of the Oh-No Manga Cafe.

That does not end there. For some artistic entertainment, there is the Indie Island in which some local circles and illustrators gather up for extra merchandise selling, art commissions, and many others. There is also an Art Competition, if you bought the latest Oh-No Manga Anthology Volume 2 at the Oh-No Manga booth for P250, in which there are prizes up for grabs.


Illustrator Lui-san drawn Freesia for us. Did anyone got Fairy Bloom Freesia on Steam?

The fun does not end there yet. There is also a Q & A for Neneko in the middle of the event. Some questions include Filipino food, cosplaying, favorite anime, and what was the atmosphere like in the country.


Pokemon trainer wants to fight! Did anyone got Pokemon X & Y? It’s in stores now!

There is also a free Otaku Asia Anime Magazine #1 up for grabs too! Sooooo many people rushed in to the line when I was about to run to the Otaku Asia booth itself. >_< And I managed to get one just after showing my Octo-Con ticket. I am not going to comment about it. It’s just that there’s WAAAAAY too many people in there.


Captain America meets Deadpool. Is anyone playing Avengers Alliance on Facebook? Season 2 Chapter 2 is out now.

Overall, the event is completely a significant improvement over the last one, as it took place in a bigger venue and that is not as far on where we live. And we were hoping for another one next year.

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Anyways, before I close this post, I have finally reached my 100 game 1 credit clear milestone! Proud to have made it this far ever since playing during my childhood up to now, in which I started joining the Shmups Forum in 2010. Most of what I have 1cc’ed include PC shmup games, PC Engine shmups, Game Boy games, and the like. So I am placing my own achievements below in honor of making it this far:


Most Favored Shmup 1ccs: Soldier series and Compile Aleste series

Most Number of Loops Reached in a Game: Nemesis GB (7 loops)

Hardest Looping 1cc: Sonic Sisters (2-ALL)

Counterstops Reached: 4 (Spartan X GB, Super Mario Land, Gunnac, Score Soldier Winter Festival 2004)

Highest Scoring in an Arcade Game: Raiden Fighters 2

Number of No Death Clears: 19

Favorite Game(s) to Play in One Credit: Coryoon, Raiden Fighters 2

Favorite Non-Shmup Game(s) to Play in One Credit: Super Mario Land, Ninja Gaiden (GG)

For those who still don’t know what 1cc and 1lc mean, 1cc means completing the game from start to finish without using extra continues . Credit refers to the arcades where the term first started. Each credit is usually bought with a single coin; while 1lc or no miss clear means completing the game on single credit without losing any lives in the process.

My 1cc list can be seen here.


Finally got 3 new doujin games!

Finally got 3 new doujin games!

Just about this week, there was a giveaway that was announced at the Shmups forum, and I am relieved that I finally got Fairy Bloom Freesia, Satazius and Eryi’s Action. They are really good games, but they would take time for me to beat them all in one go. As an added bonus, I got Red Alert 3: Uprising, but it’s a bit good.

Get Fairy Bloom Freesia from Steam!

Get Satazius from Steam!

Get Eryi’s Action from Desura!

Btw, an update has been made to my 1cc list. Please see it for the latest clears!

1ccs, Sense of Negativism, and You

A small review for the definition of shmup for those who are not familiar with this term. Shmup, or simply shoot ’em up (not to be confused with the first-person genre i.e. Doom), is a genre where the objective is shooting down everything that is in place with enough reaction time to dodge incoming bullets or attacks. If you are still not familiar, then this article from racketboy can be a good read.

1cc, one credit clear, or simply in layman’s term, is simply beating the game within it’s factory setting, as in default settings, without continuing. This was initially the term, as a Filipino shmupper, that we didn’t get until sometime in the early 2000s or late 2010, most of us people will have to be ready to face our fears and get through our bigger challenges. This is the same case when we have to achieve certain goals like applying for a job without screwing up an interview, defending a thesis with a passing with at least major or minor revision, creating a product that will satisfy many customers with at least a market reaching more than a thousand or million, etc. But what about playing an arcade or console shmup on a single or with a friend, as in two players, with only one coin? The answer is always no. Why? This is due to the fact that the shoot ’em up genre is simply not that popular and for certain people that complain that it is very difficult or simply saying “cheating” without knowing that the player is simply doing good. Hence the part of the title of this article ‘Sense of Negativism’.

ImageThe oncoming bullets being dodged from the first boss of Raiden Fighters 2.

To start it off, there are many reasons to mention that the shmup community is very short in my country. First, there are people whining thing like ‘ang hirap naman niyan’ or ‘ang bilis naman, patay na agad.’ Well you guessed it. These are simply people who complain that shmups are really difficult. There are even some who troll people with ‘ang daya’ or ‘cheater’, or even saying ‘panget niyan’, just because they have not tried playing the game yet, be it a retro or a modern release. Of course, they are difficult but not all games somehow. Most shmup games are released in consoles, and with their emulators being released in different ports (e.g. PC has Fusion, MAME, Ootake, Nestopia, PSP has RIN, SMS+, NesterJ, etc.) And with those, you have all the time in the world to practice the genre without using continues and with the default amount of lives (as in, not changing the life and bomb stock settings) as changing it’s setting may mean consequences, such as the early Touhou Project games giving bonus score penalty for changing the life and bomb stock setting. You cannot even pause during the game, and do not even think about retrying in the middle of the run, so practice, practice, practice! (Op-op-oops! don’t even think about it! Example is Blue Wish Resurrection, which disallows pausing as it disables saving replays.) Practicing it, and finally mastering it and completing it within one coin or credit, takes substantial hours, days or weeks. While games like the Star Soldier series or Zanac/Aleste series and some shmups on this level takes around a few hours, days or weeks to finish, the bullet hell genre (e.g. Dodonpachi, Raiden Fighters, Touhou, etc.) may take around several weeks or months to do so.


Player (me), as a Slave, dodging and grazing the stage 5 boss’ attacks on Raiden Fighters 2.

These people have devoted their time onto 1cc-ing every single shmup, and it now includes me. And someday, I may even reach about a hundred. Remember, puso lang mga kapatid! Shmups within one credit require patience and concentration, WITHOUT interruption, because they are an achievement that one gamer and/or shmupper is destined for!

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